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Many health problems are stress-related. A small amount of stress is beneficial for our survival but chronic stress can be dangerous to our well-being. We all know what stress can do to us, especially, if you’re a caregiver or service the public. It’s no surprise stress accounts for most of all doctor visits. It’sthe silent and serial killer” of our time. At Earth Elemental Natural Therapies (EENT) we focus on  natural antidotes for stress and help you relax more and enjoy life.

Our private consultations are tailored to your specific needs. We begin by conducting an in-depth evaluation of your symptoms and overall health, and then will work with you to create a complete plan to begin your journey toward wellness. You will leave with a foundation of wellness to build upon and an entire natural health program mapped out specifically for you.

EENT offers you a care-free sanctuary where you can leave your worries behind. Our natural therapies are a fusion of ancient healing systems and contemporary bioenergetics research that will leave you blissfully relaxed, renewed and rejuvenated. Our therapeutic space supports a safe, gentle and nurturing environment which clients often refer to as “coming home”. Our services are conducted by a caring certified practitioner. 

CrystalSonic Rejuvenation ™

A number of celebrities are having regular acupuncture “facelifts”. Your facial signature plays a large part in how your face looks and the way it ages. Maintaining your signature is the secret to staying sensual, sexy & youthful. The benefits of this acupressure facelift are to keep your facial skin from growing a little older each day. Inviting ‘Qi’ into the face addresses the muscles needs to actually revitalize and bring back your natural youthful signature. 

CrystalSonic Rejuvenation ™ (CSR) works on the same principle as acupuncture meridians but takes it to a higher level. Affectionately said to be the “NATURAL ALTERNATIVE TO BOTOX”, it’s a holistic treatment that uses specific crystals and healing sounds as “crystal sonic points of energy and light” to uplift and rejuvenate the face and body. This rejuvenation generates radiance, youthfulness and natural beauty. 

Developed by UK’s Lesley Carol of the Atlantis College of Crystal, Reiki, & Sound Healing, CrystalSonic Rejuvenation ™  is a unique non-invasive treatment that’s  painless and a non-surgical method of reducing the signs of aging. This treatment is VERY EXCLUSIVE to Earth Elemental Natural Therapies. Tonya Steinborn, founder of Earth Elemental Natural Therapies, is the first appointed certified Crystal Sonic Rejuvenation™ teacher in North America, as well as, the first to introduce this special therapy to the East Coast. 

Here are two classic and scientific videos on crystals and sound frequency. These videos are educational and worth a watch for deeper knowledge and understanding.  

Physics Of Crystals

Sacred Knowledge of Vibration and the Power of Human Emotions


Reflexology is an alternative healing system that involves pressure to the feet or hands by thumb, finger, and hand techniques. This practice was found in the histories of China and Egypt. Reflexology was introduced in the United States by William H. Fitzgerald, M.D. (1872–1942) in 1913. Dr. Fitzgerald claimed that applying pressure had an “anesthetic effect” on areas of the body. Later, Laura Norman modified and refined the practice into “Ingham's methods”. 

Reflexology is based on subtle zones and reflex areas that reflect the internal organs of the body. Reflexologists help release blockages of an energy field (life force or Qi) to assist in healing. Practitioners can relieve stress and pain in parts of the body through these “pathways”. The pressure received in the feet send signals to the nervous system and release such chemicals as endorphins to reduce tension and pain. 

According to the Mayo Clinic, “several studies funded by the National Cancer Institute and the National Institutes of Health indicate that reflexology may reduce pain and psychological symptoms, such as anxiety and depression, and enhance relaxation and sleep. Studies also show that reflexology may have benefits in palliative care of people with cancer.” 

The benefits of reflexology are many. Some benefits are the ability to stimulate nerve function, increases energy, boosts circulation, induces deep state of relaxation, releases toxins, stimulates the central nervous system, prevents migraines, speeds recovery after injury or surgery, relieve sleep disorders, reduces depression, and relieves pain. 

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Treatments are covered under naturopathic care on most health insurance plans



Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that triggers the body’s natural healing abilities or immune system. It was founded by Mikao Usui, a Buddhist teacher, who used it for the treatment of physical, emotional, and mental discomfort. The word Reiki comes from the Japanese word Rei meaning “Universal Life or Higher Power” and Ki for “Life Force Energy”. Reiki is a "laying on light hands" which ancient masters used for healing. 

A Reiki treatment feels like a splendid glowing radiance flowing through and around you. Reiki affects the whole person's body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects. Some of these benefits include deep relaxation, feelings of peace, better sleep, learning enhancement, memory and mental clarity, security, wellbeing, and also helps to relieve pain from migraine, arthritis, sciatica, and much more. 

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Ayurvedic Head Massage

In India, this type of head massage is known as Champissage and has been used for centuries for cleansing, relaxation and medical purposes. Women who used different oils such as coconut, sesame, almond, olive, herbal, buttermilk, and mustard oil to keep their long hair strong, lustrous and in beautiful condition originally developed this sensational massage.

The massage focuses on the shoulders, neck, face and head, which are most vulnerable to stress and tension. This massage induces a state of calm, peace and tranquility.

There are claims that Ayurvedic head massage supports the nervous system by alleviating stress; stimulates the lymphatic system, encouraging the elimination of toxins; helps break down muscle knots; relieves chronic neck and shoulder stiffness; increases oxygen uptake in tissues; and improves circulation.

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